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Name:HG Baldwin
"Even through the darkest days, this fire burns, always."

Hullo! I am HG, a junior sporker, aspiring writer, wannabe poet, and all around lazy, neurotic, twenty-something single guy from the Golden State. I will probably never post anything of substance here, as I tend to struggle when it comes to posting my own content for some bizarre reason (plus, I'm never happy with the results), but I will be around sporking on the das-sporking page. I look forward to honing my critiquing and analytical skills, as well as my writing abilities, and I hope to someday be a published writer. Them's the dream, anyways.

"Mayday, mayday, the ship is slowly sinking. They think I'm crazy, but they don't know the feeling..."

Things I Am Good At
- Daydreaming/getting lost in thought
- Thinking about the book I'm working on currently
- Thinking about ideas for future books that I will likely never write
- Thinking about ideas for projects I want to do that will likely never happen
- Being lazy
- Forgetting things

Things I Am Okay At
- Listening to people
- Being open-minded about other views, beliefs, and so on

Things I Like
- Coffee
- Sleep
- Writing
- Thinking (of ideas)
- Procrastination
- Art
- Many, many, many other things

Things I Dislike
- People (as a whole)
- Depression
- Hate
- Intolerance
- Suffering

"I won't give into the world, it's fight or suicide. Danger's in disguise, we've lost our minds."

Not sure what else to put here, honestly. Probably link to the sporks I'm a part of once they've been uploaded. Maybe write something witty (or attempt to be witty) as well.

"All your dreams, they're just illusion. A mix of nothing and confusion. Don't you look behind the curtain. No more time, the end is certain."
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